Ferrari F1 2012

Box modeling the “Ferrari F1” 2012 car is a project that I greatly enjoyed doing. The goal was to create a low poly model for IMVU without losing shape or definition.

  • Box modeled using 3D Studio max
  • Texturing, highlights and shading done in Photoshop CC
  • F1 car created for IMVU catalog



Due to the limitation of the IMVU engine (DX9) I decided to have some fun and render the car with “mental ray” to add some definition in terms of realistic reflections and shadows. The first┬ávideo below was compiled using:

  • Animation done in 3D Studio Max
  • Mental ray materials applied to model
  • Mental ray Daylight system lighting


I then took it one step further and added some HDR environment and character animation. The second video was compiled with:

  • 3D Studio Max
  • HDRI environment mapping for showroom lighting
  • Mental ray materials, HDRI lighting
  • Character rigging with CAT system for animation of driver


Box modelling the Ferrari F1 2012 was a pleasure to do with only a few hick ups along the way. Finding correct photos for the three views (front, side and top) made the job at hand a challenge at times due to perspective but once the general car body was mapped the pieces fell into place quite easily. Here are some images from the creation process.

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