UE4 mushrooms

UE4 Mushrooms

Created a few UE4 mushrooms (Unreal Engine 4) to test the waters with some normal mapping and lighting to add some realism. Mushrooms modeled in 3D Studio Max with initial multi-layer composite materials Diffuse texturing[…]

Midnight attraction

@ Midnight Attraction

With this masterpiece of exquisite style and beauty “@ Midnight Attraction” presents you with the maximum quality product in IMVU. The fully furnished apartment takes the IMVU experience to the next level. Enjoy the beautiful[…]

@ Midnight furniture range

@ Midnight furniture range

@ Midnight furniture range is a collection of stylish furniture items from the @ Midnight Attraction¬†IMVU room. These items are specifically created as derivable products for other creators to texture the items to their liking[…]

IMVU clothing range

High detailed IMVU Clothing Range

A trip to the mall in our IMVU clothing range to bring you some joy ladies. Have a look at a few items selected to be part of this collection. The IMVU clothing range consists[…]

Ferrari F1 2012

Box modeling the “Ferrari F1” 2012 car is a project that I greatly enjoyed doing. The goal was to create a low poly model for IMVU without losing shape or definition. Box modeled using 3D[…]

Space Odussey

Space Odyssey

On release¬†a “Space Odyssey” was the first outer space room available on IMVU. A beautiful Nebula space scene surrounds the characters with a nearby animated planet and moon. The scene is modularand the placement nodes[…]

IMVU credit exchange

Assemblage24 started the IMVU credit exchange in 2007. The trading platform facilitated the spot buying and spot selling of IMVU credits to the incumbent user base. The service offering created a means for the developer[…]

IMVU ATM credit bank

IMVU ATM credit bank

A 3D model of an IMVU ATM credit bank machine done as an IMVU product to enhance the Assemblage24 credit exchange. This flash enabled product allowed users to buy and sell IMVU credits from within[…]